The Epicormia Collective began in November 2014 and comprises six artists working in poetic ways directly or indirectly engaging with the botanical metaphor “epicormic”, i.e. adventitious growth after trauma. The November 2014- February 2017 artists are Scott Trevelyan, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Julie Barratt, Jeremy Hawkes and Marion Conrow.


Epicormia – The Re-authoring Impulse is an artist-run comprising sixteen months professional development, a museum-quality gallery installation, the development of six artist web sites to increase professional development opportunities and shared participation and engagement with social media, public gallery programs and blogging for this dedicated artist-run web site. We truly hope this project may inspire, motivate, embolden and ennoble other artists to create their own artist-runs regardless of loci, regional or urban. We are truly grateful for your time and thoughtfulness while visiting and reading our artist-run web site and its diverse content. Please share this web site url link if you like.




-Definition: Epicormic – Growing from a dormant or adventitious bud


-Epicormic Etymology: Origin. Early 20th century: from epi- ‘upon’ + Greek kormos ‘tree trunk’


-Adventitious – happening as a result of an external factor or chance rather than design or inherent nature


-Epicormia is a play on the history of pathology, of prescriptive and closed medical wording; a parodic term and one that is nature-inspired, artist-devised not psychotherapeutically-devised. Significantly Epicormia is poetic and open-ended in meaning, referring to nature’s inherent botanical impulse to grow despite trauma by assault, accident, disease, fire, tempest, flood, drought, human, animal, insect, technological or cosmological intervention


-Re-authoring is an impulse used by many artists, the retelling of stories, fictions or narratives with added mindfulness, alertness, awareness; including ideas of possibility, strength, opportunity, transformation, agency and growth, rather than a focus on impossibility, self-pity, oppression, entrenchment or disempowerment.


Epicormia Collective – The Re-authoring Impulse


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