Paul Andrew is an artist working in interdisciplinary ways and has been practicing and exhibiting professionally since 1984. Paul lives and works with diffability and his art practice includes a range of roles including curatorial practice, ephemeral art, environmental art, queer DIY artist-run activism, archives, writing, painting, photocopy, photography, super eight, performance for video, installation, participatory culture and community contribution methodologies. Since founding the ARI Remix Project in 2011; a Web 2.0 artwork and ‘living archives’ his interest in participatory culture in a networked era has become an important focus of creative practice.

In Brisbane during the 1980s he was an active participant and coordinator of several artist-runs and promoted implementation, access to and discovery of independent and D.I.Y artist-run collaborations and fostered an active visual arts exchange program in artist-runs and galleries in Brisbane, in regional Queensland, interstate and overseas.

Artist-runs he participated in throughout the 1980s included Artworker’s Union Queensland (1984-1986), Queensland Artworker’s Alliance (QAA) (1986-1991), F. Art (1985-1986), That Contemporary Art Space (1984-1988) , That Annexe (1986-1988) , Axis Art Projects (Art Xtremists International Syndicate) (1987-1989), [Bureau] Artspace (1988-1989), Breathing Concrete (1987) , Bitumen River Gallery (1986-1987). In 1989 he began work as an assistant curator at the Australian Centre for Photography until 1992.

During this time in Brisbane and throughout the 1990s his attention was focused on artists’ agency contesting ‘the mainstream’ and he worked passionately as an UQ art history student, curator, artist, arts writer, arts administrator, queer activist, filmmaker and community narrowcaster with Queer TV and Cat TV at Channel UHF 31 in Sydney. He was involved as a video artist and curator with First Draft, SIN (Sydney Intermedia Network) and Metro TV.

Paul Andrew is currently artist, researcher, curator and D.I.Y project co-ordinator of the ‘ARI Remix Living Archives & Social Memory Project (2011- 2022)’ funded by the Australia Council and Arts Queensland. Recently he was artist researcher, curator and project co-ordinator of the Epicormia Collective – The Re-authoring Impulse project (2014-2017) including six artists living and working with diffability in the Norther Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia funded by Create NSW.

In 2017 he enrolled as a doctoral candidate in Creative Industries Queensland University of Technology in the School of Creative Practice. His key research interest is current Brisbane Meeanjin ARIs operating in 2020 and the working title of the research : Artists as “A(na)rchivists: Unpacking Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiatives and the Archive”

CV (Brief)

Paul William ANDREW (Artist / Interdisciplinary)

1964 Born Brisbane, Lives and works Brisbane and Canaipa Island


2017 – 2022

Doctoral Candidate ( on leave of absence 2019 -2020) , “Artists as A(na)rchivists: Unpacking Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiatives (ARIs) and the Archive”, School of Creative Practice, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane / AU


Whistling Kite Bird Hide, Art + Studio Projects / AU

Artist, Artist Curator, Researcher, Project Co-ordinator

2011 – 2022

“A collective work in progress” ‘
/ AU –

Both Stages One and Two have been funded in part by Arts Queensland and the Australia Council 2015 & 2017 – Stage Three tba in September 2019


Artist, Artist Curator, Researcher, Project Co-ordinator

2014 – 2017

The Epicormia Collective – ‘The Re-authoring Impulse’, NRCG, Northern Rivers, Ballina /AU –

Funded by Create NSW 2015



Artist Practitioner’s Report, ‘Risky Business – Digitally Archiving Australian Artist-Run Heritage 1970 to NOW’ – ARI Remix Living Archives Project’, Art as Archive, Archive as Art, Monash Centre CIRN and Informatics Conference 2017, Monash University, Prato / IT –  Funded in part by the Australia Council



Canaipa Mudlines  – Art and Environment – Canaipa Island – ephemeral ecology + art – Artist Residencies including Turtle Swamp, Melomy’s Wetlands, Rocky Point and Minjerribah ( various locations) / AU

2018 – 2019

‘The Man in the Irony Mask’, ‘The Patient – The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art’, Riddoch Gallery, Mt Gambier / AU

The Noticeboard, Clinton Street, Lower East Side NYC 1987 – 2018’, Milburn Prize, Brisbane Institute of Art, Brisbane/AU


‘AXIS Wunderkammer: Street Archives 1987- 2017 (Firenze Prato Venezia Biennale Remix)’, Various Sites, Prato, Florence, Venice / IT

The Man in the Irony Mask’, ‘The Patient – The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art’, Manning Regional Gallery, Taree / AU

‘Artist-run Members Group Exhibition’, Darwin Visual Arts Association, Darwin / AU


‘The Re-authoring Impulse’, Epicormia Collective, Six Artists working with Arts and Diffability, NRCG, Ballina /AU

The Man in the Irony Mask’, ‘The Patient – The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art’, University of NSW Gallery, Sydney /AU

‘Ephemeral Traces: Brisbane Artist-Runs in the 1980s’, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane / AU

Artist-run Members Group Exhibition’, Darwin Visual Arts Association, Darwin / AU


The Pineapple Remix’, ‘Harvest’, Gallery of Modern Art, QAGOMA, Brisbane / AU


Paul Andrew has work in diverse public and private collections including: University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane / AU, Australian Centre for Moving Image, Melbourne / AU, Griffith Art Museum, Brisbane / AU, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra / AU


Arts Law Centre of Australia, NAVA, Oral History Association of Australia (Qld)