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Paul William ANDREW (Queer Activist / Artist Researcher / Interdisciplinary Artist) Born 1964 Brisbane Meeanjin, Lives and works with arts and diffability in the inner regional area of Canaipa on Quandamooka country.

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Paul Andrew is a queer activist, artist researcher, senior media artist, video artist, zinester and artist curator with experience in social practice, site-generated ephemeral practice, creative archival assemblage and media art making using remix, bricolage and collage techniques. Drawing on a current doctoral research project [QUT Creative Industries] is increased practitioner interest in community-based approaches, scavenger methodologies, queer time, ARI temporalities and creative archival assemblage. These concepts and techniques are employed for making archival art initiatives in diverse varied and variable cultural forms. The artist has been practicing and exhibiting professionally since 1984.

Paul has actively participated in artist-run communities of practice throughout the 1978 to Now period including: The Northside Creative Artist’s Association (Qld), Mervyn Moriarty School of Art, Brisbane School of Art (Qld), Artworker’s Union Queensland, Queensland Artworker’s Alliance (QAA), F. Art (Art Zine), That Contemporary Art Space, That Annexe, Axis Art Projects AU/USA (Art eXtremists International Syndicate), 2B: The Garage USA, [Bureau] Artspace, Breathing Concrete, Bitumen River Gallery, TAG (Tropical Artists Guild), First Draft, Sydney Super 8 Filmmakers, Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN), Queer TV, Metro Screen, DLux Media Arts, Epicormia Collective ‘The Reauthoring Impulse”, The Soylent Spot ARI, Next Door ARI, Tripla ARI/IT, Circadian Visions/AU. Since the 1970s the artist has continued to make queer conceptual film performances and art actions with family, friends, lovers, colleagues and strangers, often in an experimental Super 8mm film to HD video cultural form. Alongside their ongoing living archives internet artwork they are currently working on a reflective series of conceptual video art work installations titled: Queer Life Writing 1964 to Now.


2017-2024 | Doctorate of Creative Industries, School of Creative Practice & Social Justice, QUT, Brisbane/AU [current]
2007-2010 | Master of Arts, Creative Writing & Media, RMIT, Melbourne/AU
1985-1988 | Bachelor of Arts, Art History, University of Queensland, Brisbane/AU
1981-1984 | Bachelor of Law, QUT, Brisbane/AU (incomplete)




2023 | ARI REMIX & FRIENDS, Brisbane Writer’s Festival Zine Market, Whale Mall, Southbank, Brisbane Meeanjin / AU

2023 | BVAA & FRIENDS, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane Meeanjin/ AU

2022 | Papillon [Butterfly] (Video Art), Circadian Visions, Ngudooroo Lamb Island/ AU
2022 | Adjusting Margins, Enter Outer Space, Outer Space, Brisbane Meeanjin/ AU
2022 | ARI Remix + EXTRA Zine, Courtyard Zine Fair, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane Meeanjin/ AU
2022 | ARI Remix + EXTRA Zine, National Gallery of Victoria NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair 2022, Melbourne/AU
2022 | ARI Remix + EXTRA Zine, Brisbane Writers Festival, Zine Market Brisbane Meeanjin/AU

2021 | EXTRA Zine Issue # 2 BACKYARD: ZINE FAIR, Next Door ARI, Brisbane/AU
2021 | EXTRA Zine Issue # 1 Launch (Virtual) National Gallery of Victoria NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair 2021, Melbourne/AU
2018 – 2020 | Studio Artist (Queer Digital Art + Ecology) Whistling Kite Artist Studio, Canaipa Russell Island/ AU
2011 – 2021 | ‘ARI Remix Living Archives & Social Memory Project, A Queensland Remix 1970 to NOW’ – Stages One and Two 2015 -2019 Funded by Arts Queensland & Australia Council and Stage Three 2021-2021. Funded by Arts Queensland], Current ARI Remix + EXTRA Zine Project Two funded by Arts Queensland and Australia Council 2022 -2024.
Brisbane / AU –, and,,
2014 – 2017 | Artist Researcher, Curator, Project Co-ordinator, Epicormia Collective | ‘The Re-authoring Impulse’, NRCG, Northern Rivers, Ballina /AU | Arts & Disability, Funded by Create NSW and Accessible Arts, NSW



2022 | When I Dream of You, I Wet Dream in Collage [1991-2022], (forthcoming in 2023).
2022 | Papillon [Butterfly], Circadian Visions, Ngudooroo/AU
2018 | AXIS Wunderkammer # 2, Nature Strip, Soylent Spot ARI, Brisbane/AU
2016 | Strange Vignettes, Epicormia Collective, Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina/AU
1998 | The Man in the Irony Mask, archived at Australian Centre for Moving Image [ACMI]–paul-andrew
1994-1995 | Engaged, Don’t Leave Me This Way: Art in Age of AIDS, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 12 November 1994 – 5 March 1995, Canberra/AU1994 | Engaged 1994, archived at Scanlines

Since 1994 the artists’ video art works have been included in many international exhibitions and festivals including the First and Second International Festival of HIV/AIDs Films, Paris/FR [1994, 1995 and the European touring exhibition in 1995].


2021 | Online Attendee ‘Archives Amplified’, Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) National Conference, Brisbane/AU
2017 | Attendee, ‘Art as Archive, Archive as Art & The Imagined Archive’, Monash Centre CIRN and Informatics Conference 2017 | Monash University, Prato / IT – Funded in part by the Australia Council
2016 | Attendee, ‘THE WORK OF ART 2016’, AAANZ Conference, Canberra/AU


2017 | ‘Risky Business: Performing the ARI Remix Living Archives’, ‘Art as Archive: Archive as Art & The Imagined Archive’, Prato Conference 2017, 25-27 October, Monash University Centre, Prato, Italy
2001 | ‘The Elders Project’, Queer Elders: long lives, well-lived; Funded by the ALSO Foundation and the City of Port Phillip and presented at the 2001 Australian Homosexual Histories Conference [ALGA], University of Melbourne, Melbourne/AU
1998 |‘The Man in the Irony Mask’ (Video Art/ Documentary), Funded by FTO NSW and Metro Screen, A Portrait of HIV AIDS activist and performance artist Brenton Heath-Kerr/ Sydney/AU
1995 | ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way: Art in Age of AIDS’, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 12 November 1994 – 5 March 1995/ Canberra/AU


NAVA, Arts Law Centre of Australia, Oral History Association of Australia (Qld), Oral History Association (NSW), Australian Society of Archivists.


Since 1976 Paul has been actively engaged in social justice, cultural justice, community service, activism and volunteerism including the RSPCA, The Australian Conservation Fund (Qld), Home Care (Qld), Veterans Affairs (Qld), Rainforest Remediation (Qld and NSW), Qld/NSW/ International ARIs, Qld Artworker’s Alliance [QAA], Qld AIDS Council, 4ZZZ Public Radio, Queer TV (NSW UHF Channel 31), LGTB Mardi Gras (NSW), AIDS Council of NSW, Red Cross, 40 Hour Famine, Melbourne Pride March, The ALSO Foundation, Yooralla (Vic), Triple “0” (Vic), Deaf Children Australia (Vic), Regional Land Care (NSW, Vic, Qld), Melbourne IVF (Vic), Dlux Media Arts (NSW), Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Vic), The Corner Dance Lab (NSW), Remembering and Healing: Peace and Non-Violence, Lismore (NSW), SMBI Bay Islands Conservation Inc. (Qld)


Anderson, P. (2015). Marginal notes: Towards a history of an artist-run scene Brisbane, the 1980s. Eyeline82, 59-65.

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Willsteed, J., Andrew, P., Doherty, B., & Richens, J. (2016). Where the action isn’t, that’s where it is.


Paul Andrew has art work held in diverse public and private art collections including: University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane / AU, Australian Centre for Moving Image [ACMI] Melbourne / AU, Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane / AU, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra / AU.