QUT Research [Doctor of Creative Industries] Paul Andrew | Doctoral research candidate.

Project Title: Artists as A(na)rchivists: Unpacking Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiatives and the Archive

“…queer archival practices can help us transform conventional approaches to archiving”(Kumbier, 2014, p.1).


This practice-led research investigation addresses the question, “What is the potential for a digital archives framework appropriate for contemporary artist-run initiatives (ARIs) interested in the medium to long-term preservation of their ‘at risk’ histories, voices and records?” This study is framed through a queer methodology and draws on archival literature, an online and audio recorded survey and reflective creative practice in order to produce two interlinked creative responses. In Project One in the form of a poster zine and in Project Two in the form on of online publication presented as an anthology of zines as types of community archives. An analysis of data collected from an online survey across 13 sites in the Brisbane Meeanjin/ Southeast Queensland region informs both the Project One [Pr1] and Project Two [Pr2] creative responses. The Pr1 survey found that the role of artist curator and artistic practice directly influences the archival processes employed for the multiplicity of ephemeral materials and artefacts held in these sites. Employing a queer lens, the challenge in Pr2 was to provide a ‘process where we are all at the same table’ where anti-oppressive sensibilities are embraced in a workshop setting. The key aim was to draw on the data set and to find creative solutions, both online and offline for future preservation. This introductory investigation is a longitudinal study which recognises that artists in the region identify as the custodians of archives as part of their creative practice. This study contributes to a body of knowledge around cultural heritage and increased awareness of artist-run activities, community-building and new co-creative archival collaborations.


INTRODUCTION : Introducing the Project One and Project Two Creative Outputs and ‘a brief excerpt of the research project as zine’ [Due for completion in May 2023].

Artists exploring zines as types of community archives. Southeast Queensland 2017-2022

Hello! Welcome to AAA Zine Pass. This online publication presented in an ARI zine anthology introduces five new zines arising from a creative research project. For the purposes of this study they are presented as an online anthology, a series of five digital ARI zines as community archives. The anthology includes a brief welcome and introduction and five zines to read, enjoy and dwell upon, as follows;

i. AAA Zine Pass | Artist Researcher Paul Andrew
ii. people+artist+place | Artist Marisa Georgiou
iii. Nextdoor ARI | Artists Ella Callander, Joaquin Gonzales, Abigail Rutter, Kimberly Stokes, Claire Su and ex-board member Amelia McLeish.
iv. Accidentally Annie Street Space [AASS] | Artist Erika Scott
v. made. Create Space | Artist researcher Elysha Rei

Thank you to all respondents for the generous reflective contributions below. As co-creative zines they are shared here as easy to access and easy to share online digital zines along with freely downloadable and democratic PDF zine format.

Participating SEQ ARIs in a focused Pr2 research activity included: people+artist+place, Nextdoor ARI, Accidentally Annie Street Space, made. Creative Space.

Participating artists and SEQ ARI members in a focused Pr2 activity included: Marisa Georgiou, Elysha Rei, Erika Scott, Ella Callander, Joaquin Gonzales, Abigail Rutter, Kimberly Stokes, Claire Su and ex-board member Amelia McLeish.

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Paul Andrew : Pronouns: he/him/they

HDR QUT Practice-Led Research : Artists as A(na)rchivists: Unpacking Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiatives and the Archive [2019-2022]

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I acknowledge and respect the Quandamooka First Nations people, Nunukul (Noonuccal, Nunukal), Ngugi (Nughi) and Gorenpul as the Traditional Custodians of Redland City, Wynnum and areas of Moreton Bay including the Bay Islands where I live and work.

Kumbier, A. (2014). Ephemeral material: Queering the archive (p. 1). Sacramento, CA: Litwin Books.]