Axis Art Projects | BNE – NYC | 1987- 2019 | Memento Vivere #1 ( East Village People Remix)

Life Writing: 1964 to Now | Senior Media Artist Paul Andrew /AU

“Memento Vivere #1 ( East Village People Remix)” is a Super 8 film to HD Video art work [1987-2019]. It forms part of a Super 8 mm to HDV anthology drawing on the artists’ ongoing work with Super 8 film as an accessible and democratic medium, and increased practitioner interest in queer time. The anthology is titled ‘Life Writing: 1964 to Now’. These works are iterative in nature and are presented as a series of conceptual film/performance art-installations. [In development 2022-2023]. Produced as a co-creative work with video editor and sound artist Susie Forster, Ballina 2017-2019.

AXIS is an acronym for Art Xtremists International Syndicate – A media art collective initiative and artist-run guerrilla art project founded by artists Jay Younger, Paul Andrew, Lehan Ramsay (1987-1989) in collaboration with over thirty Australian, US and UK based artists directly engaged in independent DIY artist-run culture throughout the 1970s and 1980s, AXIS was conceptualised as a media art collective and documentary collaboration. It included the zine project AXIS File – Sites of Dis-closure – a participatory, part zine, part artist book and photocopy art exhibition exhibited at various artist-run spaces in Brisbane in 1988 and at artist-run spaces in Los Angeles, New York City, London and Tokyo including 2B Garage on Avenue B and outside the Guggenheim Museum May – June 1988 and at Arch Lane Public Art (Artist-Run Space) in Brisbane in December, 1988

Axis Art Projects | BNE – NYC | 1987-2019 | Memento Vivere #1 ( East Village People Remix) | Artist Paul Andrew with video artist and sound artist Susie Forster