The Re-authoring Impulse 2014-2017

The Epicormia Collective comprises six artists working in poetic ways directly or indirectly engaging with the botanical metaphor “epicormic”, i.e. meaning ‘ adventitious growth after trauma’.

The Re-authoring Impulse is the project we are working on now and it comprises both a museum-quality gallery installation and direct participation in a transmedia engagement development methodology via social media, public gallery programs and the web site listed below in development throughout 2014 to 2017.

Artists in the 2016 museum quality exhibition project including Julie Milner Barratt, Scott Trevelyan, Marion Conrow, Jeremy Hawkes, Julianne Zoviar Clunne , Paul Andrew and a selection of artists living and working with diffability at Willowbank Studios curated by Scott Trevelyan.


Definition: Epicormic – Growing from a dormant or adventitious bud.
Epicormic Etymology: Origin. Early 20th century: from epi- ‘upon’ + Greek kormos ‘tree trunk’.
Adventitious – happening as a result of an external factor or chance rather than design or inherent nature.
Epicormia is a play on the history of prescriptive and closed medical wording; this parodic term is nature-inspired, artist-devised and not psychotherapeutically-devised. Significantly Epicormia is poetic and open-ended in meaning, ambit and intentionality.

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The Epicormia Project is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.