Artists (l-R) Jay Younger, Malcolm Enright, Paul Andrew discussing Outside Art 1986 at Steven Grainger and Eugene Carchesio exhibition That Space, May 1986



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Artist-Run Social Practice – Brisbane 1984 to 1990





Member, Artworker’s Union (Qld) 1984-1986
Artist Co-ordinator, co-founder, That Contemporary Art Space ( That Collective 1984-1988), rear 20 Charlotte Street, Brisbane
Artist Co-ordinator, That Annexe (1986), 210 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane ( in collaboration with Belltower, Artist Micheal Eather [The Campfire Room]
Artist Member, Queensland Artworkers Alliance [QAA], 1986 to 1991
Artist Co-ordinator, That Annexe, rear 20 Charlotte Street, Brisbane (That Collective) 1987 – 1988
AXIS Art Projects [ Art X-tremeists International Syndicate – Does New York Exist? and Sites of Dis-closure] , with artists Jay Younger and Lehan Ramsay and a collective of thirty Brisbane and NYC artists, 1987 – 1990
Artist Co co-ordinator, [BUREAU] Art Space, 1988-1989, City Plaza, Adelaide Street, Brisbane