The Re-authoring Impulse – Epicormia Collective on now at NRCG Ballina

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Six Northern Rivers Artists inspired by the botanical term “epicormic” meaning new or adventitious growth from a dormant bud, or after trauma. Including artists Julie Barratt, Scott Trevelyan, Jeremy Hawkes, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Paul Andrew, Marion Conrow. And featuring the Willowbank Studio annversary exhibition “Decade of Catharsis.” On now until December 18.


Epicormia Collective- The Re-authoring Impulse

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    The Epicormia Collective began in November 2014 and comprises six artists working in poetic ways directly or indirectly engaging with the botanical metaphor “epicormic”, i.e. adventitious growth after trauma. The November 2014- February 2017 artists are Scott Trevelyan, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Julie Barratt, Jeremy Hawkes and Marion Conrow.   Epicormia – The Re-authoring Impulse […]